Alongside the substantial cost-saving benefits, commercial heat pumps allow businesses to achieve their environmental obligations.

A well designed commercial heat pump system is more than capable of providing all the heating needs for a business and in the medium to long term, represent good value for money in savings from reduced energy bills AND the income generated from the Government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The added beauty of a heat pump is that is can be used for both heating and cooling, meaning your office, warehouse or manufacturing facility has both heat and air conditioning. This also includes a full hot water system.

A commercial heat pump can either by ground source or air source and you can read more about the different types of heat pumps in our heat pump guides. Both types of heat pumps will significantly reduce your businesses’ carbon footprint and by acting quickly, your business should receive the guaranteed 7-year income RHI Grant (which is likely to be reduced or replaced in the coming years).

A heat pump delivers around 4 kWh of energy for every 1kWh of electricity used to power it, which means they are between 300-400% more efficient than traditional gas or electric heating.

Commercial Heat Pumps - Usage

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Premises
  • Farms
  • Holiday Homes / Holiday Parks
  • Public Sector Buildings

Commercial Heat Pumps - Benefits

Despite the initial cost of installing a commercial heat pump system, there are several benefits that businesses should consider. These are both financial and environmental. The benefits are significant.

On the financial side, you save money on your energy bills and potentially benefit from the RHI scheme in terms of receiving payments, so the ROI on the initial install costs is astonishingly quick and becomes a “no brainer” for most businesses that have the capital to invest in the heat pump up front.

Other benefits are outlined below:

  • Significant savings on your energy bills if you are currently using electricity, oil, liquid gas or solid fuel to heat your premises. Conservative estimates are that the energy saving is 40-50%. Even if your business is a moderate user of energy, the period to achieve ROI is relatively short, if you are indeed a more substantial user of energy due to your business/premises type, the ROI will be even quicker.


  • You should also be able to benefit from the new Renewable Heat Incentive scheme from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. This is a 7-year incentive whereby the scheme pays you per kilowatt hour produced.


  • Heat Pumps improve air quality and have lower noise, which is better for your workforce and productivity.


  • Low running costs


  • Very low maintenance. Correct installed by our trainer and qualified engineers, a heat pump shouldn’t require annual maintenance or servicing and can last up to 25 years or more.