Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps – what Samsung brand as Eco Heating Systems (EHS) uses a highly efficient air source heat pump to provide heat and hot water to your home (or commercial premises) all year around.

These state-of-the-art heat pumps deliver low noise, are highly efficient and enjoy low operating costs and are extremely eco-friendly. In the wake of rising greenhouse emissions and spiralling oil costs, these range of Samsung air source heat pumps offer all in one heating, hot water and air conditioning.

The Eco Heating System can produce water and air which are heated or cooled by a single outdoor unit if supplying one residential premises, or a number of heat pumps if a larger residential development (e.g., flats) or commercial premises (e.g., warehouse).

The air-to-air system achieves a stable temperature fast, whilst the air-to-water system delivers hot water to all radiators, underfloor heating and water taps.

This unit is cost-effective and economically friendly, and it is all in one external fitting, so this is perfect for environments where space is limited externally and saves space internally with no lead for a combi boiler.

This innovative solution speeds up the process by emitting hot air in addition to under-floor heating to warm up environments faster.

Smart control alternates between air-to-water and air-to-air as and when it is required.

They last between 15-20 years, which is longer than a conventional boiler and require less servicing and maintenance too.

Estimated energy costs savings are up to 50%, whilst it also saves space and saves the environment too – what’s not to like?