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Severn valley renewables are underfloor heating experts and we supply and install high quality underfloor heating throughout your home offering energy saving, great value for money underfloor heating solutions. Underfloor heating is a cost effective, space saving alternative to heating energy and replaces the need for gas energy and radiators throughout your home.

We have years of experience installing underfloor heating systems in both commercial and domestic property’s so you can rest assured that we deliver and all round outstanding service, you are in good hands. Call us today to discuss you underfloor heating requirements with a professional.

We provide a comprehensive underfloor heating service with planning, design and installation of warm water systems, afterwards finished with a flawless liquid screed application ready for you to cover with the flooring solution of your choice.

There is simply no better choice for you to get a flawlessly designed and fitted underfloor heating system for your next home or business project no matter how large or small.

Underfloor Heating Screed Solutions

Liquid screed, also known as flowing screed, calcium sulphate screed or anhydrate screed, is the  modern alternative to conventional Sand and Cement screed. It is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to application of floor finishes and is fast becoming the popular choice for use with underfloor heating.


There are many advantages of using Liquid Screed over conventional sand and cement screed.

Due to its greater strength it can be laid at a lesser thickness than Sand & Cement, which means less cover over pipe work, thus making your underfloor heating far more efficient and with twice the thermal conductivity of a sand & cement screed, it gives your heating a faster reaction time, saving you up to 10% on running costs.

Also when using Liquid Screed over underfloor heating that is powered by a ground or air source heat pump, the output temperature can be reduced due to the floors greater thermal properties, and so for every 1 degree a heat pump runs lower, a 3% efficiency will be gained , saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint!

This graph details the improvement in heating performance that can be achieved when using Liquid Screed over the conventional Sand Cement Screed.

It can cover large spaces in a short period of time and shallower floor depths can be achieved without a need for reinforcement

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