Get ahead of the curve and prepare for a future without gas

If you are doing a self-build or property renovation, it could be a perfect time to install a ground source or air source heat pump into your property.

This will provide a full heating and hot water system to your home, all year around regardless of the external temperature.

If the garden allows, we recommend a ground source heat pump system for a residential property, but air source heat pumps are a credible alternative.

A heat pump is ideal for self-builds and renovations as it is a fit-and-forget technology that is very low carbon and easy to use.

In simple terms, if you are building from scratch or undertaking a substantial renovation, it is the ideal time to install the heat pump technology as disruption is minimised and it is much easier to complete the project.

Not only will a heat pump save you substantial money on your energy bills, now is the time to act to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) giving a 7 year income of up to £28,000 – this has been extended up until March 2022 and its successor, the Clean Heat Grant, is likely to be considerably less generous. The Government plans to ban gas in new builds by 2025.

There is also the Green Homes Grant which incentives installing and using a heat pump, with the grant paying out dependent on how green the heat pump is in terms of carbon emissions.

The financial savings in terms of utility bills and potential grants are very generous, and Severn Valley Renewables encourage all residential building projects to consider heat pumps and are happy to advise on potential costs, potential savings and solutions.

Benefits for heat pumps in self-builds and renovation

Low lifetime ownership costs

Low maintenance and no annual servicing, 20 year design life (compared to conventional boiler 10-15 years)

Low heating bills

Stats show a reduction in heating bills by 40-50%

Tax Free Grants / Income

The RHI scheme and Green Homes Grant (UK Government backed) can provide income over a 7 year period up to £28,000.

Zero pollution and low carbon

Why would you not want to do your bit for the environment whilst saving money at the same time?

Ideal for new builds and renovations

The perfect time to install a heat pump whilst other property work is undertaken and planning is easy.

No planning permission

No planning permission required for ground source heat pumps

If you would like to know more about our range of heat pumps and installation options, please do contact Severn Valley Renewables and we are happy to discuss with you, either on or off site.