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    House Type

    Single FamilyMulti-FamilyTwin / Town House / Semi-detachedIndividually Located / DetachedOther (please specify)

    Site Usage

    DomesticCommercialCarportOther (please specify)

    Further Details

    Listed buildingNew BuildUnder construction / construction plannedStorage possibility for PV equipment (panels)

    Roof Details

    Type of installation required

    On Existing RoofPart of Re-RoofingNew BuildGround Mounted

    Roof Pitch

    FlatVery ShallowAverageVery Steep

    Style of roof


    Orientation of roof

    SouthSouth westSouth eastNorthNorth westNorth eastEast

    Available roof area

    Type of roof covering:

    SlateConcrete tilesSmall tilesGravelMetal corrugationMetal seamsOther (please specify)


    Please advise us of any factors that might result in shading on any area of the planned installation area (for example, neighbouring buildings, trees, electricity pylons, cables..)
    (Building Factors: Elements that are connected to the dwelling that are likely to have a greater effect on the array output by casting shade due to their close proximity, i.e. chimneys, aerials, satellite dishes, lightning conductors, dormer windows and other building protrusions) Note: sun is 25 degrees lower in December than in June.

    (e.g. trees, no path, conservatory etc.) Note: sun is 25 degrees lower in December than in June.

    Roof Structure

    Full access to loftWall space in the loft for the inverter
    (approx. 500x400x200 mm)



    Incoming Supply

    Single PhaseThree PhaseEnd of linePresence of earth bondingExtra fuse way available in fuse board

    Consumer Unit